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Submit'er Challenge, Berlin'11

And here I go with a new review. This time about the Submit'er Challenge, the first only-women competition I am aware of, organized by Vanessa Reinsch and Collaborators in Berlin on 22th/23rd October 2011.

As I always said when I write a review, this is my personal opinion in my personal blog, and I always write about the good and the bad things, with the aim to state what it should be kept as well as what it should be changed for coming years. You may agree or not with me, but that is my opinion.



3 events that I want to recommend you

Hey people,  there are in the next months 3 events that I particularly would like to recommend you:

  • 1st German NoGi Championship
  • BJJ Camp in Hungary
  • BJJ Camp, only for girls, in Amsterdam (Holland)

I know personally the organizators of these three events, have trained with them and participated in previous events organized by them, so I know what I am talking about if I tell you that they are great things to do, if you want to have an amazing BJJ summer!

Click on "read more" for a little more information about them


Abu Dhabi Pro Trials: Is It Worth The Price?

Abu Dhabi Pro Trials 2011

Last Saturday 26th March, I attended the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials in London. I had fun, enjoyed once more being in a competition, fighting and getting to the podium. But to be honest, I expected something more when I registered for this event.

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