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Photos of Holland Gi Challengue 2011

Today Godzilla, Samuel, Gisele and I drove 4,5h from Hamburg to Amsterdam to fight in the Holland Gi Challengue. We did in total 900 km in one day but it was worth the experience and the results.

Samuel had two hard fights, the first he won by armbar, the second he won 8:0 in an amazing fight in which Samuel make the other guy to look like a white belt instead of a purple belt. Samuel did takedown, sweep and mount and an attempt of foot lock. Really beautiful.

I must admit that I had it easier. There were not purple belts for me to fight against, so I had to fight blue and white belts. I won my first fight 2-0 and the second one with an armbar that almost ended in a broken arm because the girl didn't want to tap out... and what am I supposed to do? It is a competition... so Tap or Snap

The competition run smoothly, the Compettior Tshirts were of good quality and good design, the level was high (except for female purple/brown/black belts that there were just anyone except me). They sold Acai for a good price (not like in other competitons). The hall was big and easy to reach.

So, in conclusion, a good tournament. Just one complain from my side: the winner of the male Elite class got a Gi as prize. The women nothing. This is just annoying. As usual.

Here some pics (iPhone quality) of the event


Photos of Abu Dhabi Pro Trials London 2011

Here just a few pictures of the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials which were held in London, England, on 26th March 2011.

I got a third place in the purple/brown/black -63 kg division, after beating Dominique Vitry by kimura but then losing against brown belt Shanti Abelha in the semi-final by mata-leão.

Morena Cuba, from Team Aranha in Barcelona Spain, won in white/blue female division +63kg and got his free ticket to Abu Dhabi. Congratulations!! She did a great job!

But my biggest congratulations goes to Yasmin Wilson, purple belt, who made an awesome competition and won first in a very fast fight against Leoni Munslow by triangle and then submitted Shanti Abelha with a foot lock in the big final, taking the big price of the purple/brown/black belt female-63kg.  Very well deserved girl! Just awesome.


Photos of the Hamburg Open 2011

Some pictures of the II Hamburg Open, hold on 5th and 6th March 2011 in Hamburg (Germany).  This event included Gi and no Gi competition and it was a sucessfull weekend for Samuel Sanvicente, even more as instructor as as fighter, since several of his students got first and second places in the weight and open class divisions. Congratulations to him as instructor and to the students for their good job done, specially to Santiago Franco who, with a weight of less than 70 kg defeated in half finale a guy of over 100 kg, and Andreas Madsen who fought very technically each of his 4 fights to the final. They are the white belts surprise of the year and I am sure they will end the competition year with plenty of gold medals.

Another promising fighter with already a very long list of wins is: Peter, der Zerstörer (the "destroyer" in english) who won again his weight division in white belt and the open class with Gi. He won his weight division noGi and due to several injuries, he decided not to compete in the noGi Open Class. He is right now one of the best white belt fighters. So blue belts, be aware of Peter! he is coming after you! ;-)


You can find more pictures on the website of the event: http://www.germancompnet.org/


Gisele, growing up on the mats

A collection of pictures of Gisele within the BJJ world. Since she was born on April 6th 2010, she has been in more than 8 competitions, reached podium in all of them, traveled to Spain to train with ASES Valencia and Gracie Barra Sevilla, to Barcelona for Copa Reus, to Hundary to train with Gracie Barra Budapest, to Lisboa for the EM 2011, Amsterdam for a BJJ Open and London for Abu Dhabi Trials, amongst other competitions. She loves to be on a mat and to listen hiphop music. These pictures show that maternity and BJJ are possible! For more details, read the pictures' captions


Photos of IBJJF Europa Championships'11

Some pictures from the IBJJF Europa Championships in Lisboa, Portugal from 27th-30th January 2011


Graduierungsseminar @ Sportschule HH

Some pictures from the graduation seminar hold at the Sportschule in Hamburg. Samuel teached 2 hours of Gi and 2 hours of no-Gi BJJ, in which we learned a lot of new techniques. At the end of the seminar, several people were given stripes to their white belt. Some of them, like Heiko, are getting dangerously close to their blue belt. Read the picture's caption for more details. Congratulations to all of them for the good job done in the past months and to Samuel for being such a good instructor. With the efforts of everyone we are bulding up a great team.


FHJJS European Championships 2010

Some pictures from the European Championships in Morges, Switzerland


German Groundfighting BJJ Open 2010

Some pictures from the German Groundfighting BJJ Open on1 4th August, 2010 in Bremen, Germany


Photos taken during pregnancy

Some pictures from me with big belly during my pregnancy of Gisele. Read the picture captions for more info

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