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Thanks.. because I wouldn't make it alone

I am always talking about how is possible to combine motherhood with BJJ training and being a competitor. I often mention it is a matter of setting priorities in your life, organizing your time and enjoying everything you do.
I also repeat every time that it is a hard task to do but that it is possible, that I am neither a super women (see my last blog entry) nor a single case. There are many other BJJ mums like Talita Nogueira or Angelica Galvao, just to give you an example of great BJJ female fighters which are also mums.
But what I don´t mention so often and they deserve some praise and recognition too are: the people behind the scenes. Without those people who support and help me wherever and whenever they can, being a BJJ-competitor-full time working-mum would be nearly impossible.

Who are those important people?

- The BJJ DadDSC01583.JPG

I am aware that not every  mum has a man by her side or at least someone who support    her 100%, but I do have one. And he is the most supportive husband I could have. He is also my trainer, who could makes things easier or more complicate depending on how     you handle the situation. In my case, things are easier this way. He supports my training.  We both attend our child, Gisele, while we are training, working as a team in turns. Has he a big competition ahead, I let him focus on his training and I take care of Gisele. And  vice versa, if I have a big competition ahead, he is then in charge of Gisele. If we both are competing, we work in turns.

If for instance I want to attend a competition abroad, he takes care of Gisele for the whole weekend while I am not at home. And I know, there are not so many men/husband/dads willing to do so for a whole weekend, but he does. And I thank him very much not for being a good dad, which is his duty, but for supporting me as a fighter in all I need.



- The BJJ Grandma

Well, grandmas are essential, in every aspect of the life. Kids need their grandma, and mums need their mums. So they are doubly needed.  My mum lives over 3000 km away from us, nevertheless she comes to visit us every second month. During the week she stays with us, I can relax, focus even more on my training, have some private and social life, sleep more hours. She is such a big help to us that is hard to put into words. She even travels with us to many competitions, making the whole way from south Spain to wherever the compt  or camp takes places so that she can take care of Gisele while I am competing, training or coaching our team. My mum has been at the Euro´s in Lisbon, at a female trainings camp in Holland and another in Sweden, at the Danish Open in Denmark... etc etc

My mum is amazing and even I don´t tell that her every day, she should know it: She is THE BEST!


- The BJJ Training partners


Here I am aware again of how lucky I am. Women practicing BJJ are increasing every year, but BJJ is still a male-dominated world. I have seen gyms where women are treated by other men respectful but not equal to men partners (in the sense "yes, I respect you but I don´t consider you a serious fighter, so I ignore you/don´t care about your training). Well, not in my gym and I am so thankful for having such a good training family. My training partners cares about me, about my child and about my training and they support me whatever they can.

They help me by playing with/entertaining  Gisele while I and Samu are both training (for which they do breaks in their own training!) They also take care of her in competitions when we are fighting or coaching. Their help, even if it seems a little thing, is of incalculable value for us and it makes possible for me to keep a stable training pace, which is very important as competitor. I can train 100% only thanks to my wonderful team.Sophie, Josie and Anja, Tim, Max, Simon... (from my team during trainings) and Liz, Maria, Katja (at competitions/seminars)... and many others, I am really very thankful for your help! You are great.

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