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Superwomen? - They don't exist

Putting on the coat and the gloves while shutting down the computer at work, taking breakfast in the train on my way to work or answering e-mails while walking to the academy (this requires peripheral vision and quick reflex in order to dogge people and objets while typing on the iPhone), are some of the details that make work the kind of life I chose to live. Saving time from everywhere.


Many people ask me how I manage to do all what I do. So first, what do I do? I work as physicist at the University, I train and compete in BJJ, I help my husband running a BJJ academy and I am a good wife and even better mum (or I think so)


Well, as I have clearly said in other occasions, it is a matter of 1) setting priorities, 2) organizing yourself and 3) loving what you do. There is not such a thing like superpowers ;)

Yes, easier said that done... this little article is not about the theory, it is about practice and how I organized my life to get it. 




Days have 24 hours, hours 60 minutes. That is true for me as for everybody else. I wish I could do even more things than I do but there is not time for everything. Unfortunately. 

So let’s prioritize: what do I love most in the world? my family and BJJ. So I arranged my whole life to be able to spend as much time as possible with my family and keep training BJJ at a daily basis.

Of course, I had to give up with some hobbies and delay others until a future time. But everything has a prize, doesn’t it? You must be able to sacrifice certain things in order to get others. Like when you read your horoscope in a magazine, let’s separate the life in different sections:


LOVE - First of all, I save a lot of time by joining BJJ and family both in one. My husband is my trainer and shares with me the passion for BJJ. This was not planned, but a consequence of my way of life. When I met him, he was not my trainer. He was just another BJJ athlete. Back at the time, I went from work to the gym and from gym to work. Of course, I went out too, but most of the times with my BJJ-friends. So it isn't that strange that I ended with one of them. In fact, most of the female competitors I know are dating or married to a BJJ fighter too. It is straightforward. It makes things so much easier (for may reasons which are not the subject of this article) and saves a lot of time, since you don’t have to split your free time between going to the gym or going home to your boy.


WORK - Everybody have to work. Well, Paris Hilton or Athina Onassis don’t. But most of us don’t have a inheritance they can live of. I studied physics and I work for years as physicist. I was never the kind of person who lives to work, but rather I work to make possible a certain lifestyle. This mean, of course, I enjoy my work but for me it is just a way to get other things done, things than are not for free like a new Gi or a holiday trip and that make me much happier than working. Said that, I looked for a job which satisfies me, fair salary and lot of free time. Much time. And so I ended with a research/teaching contract of 29 hours/week at the university, that is less than 6 hours at day and this leaves me plenty of free time I can not only use training or spending quality time with my family, but also helping my husband to run his BJJ academy, which is work itself too but having your own gym also have a lot of advantages. So I do it happily. 


FAMILY - I have a precious 2-and-a-half years old daughter, and there is nothing in the world I would’t do for her. So if it was necessary to quit BJJ to attend her, I would do. Fact is, it is not necessary! ...phew... *relief*

I trained until the 7th month of pregnancy and started to train (first recovering) 2 weeks after delivery. I had her all the time always by my side. You can read about it in other posts in this blog. She has learned from the beginning how it is to be in a BJJ academy, to grow up on the mat. She got used to sleep between the shouts in the stands in a competition, to ignore the smell(or stink) of a gym during training or to be always surrounded by big men (and women) full of tattoos and possibly mean faces. She doesn’t get scared. From my side, I had to learn (and it wasn’t easy) to train with an eye on her, just to check she doesn’t enter the mat when we are practicing (she already learned this), to make obligatory breaks in the middle of training if she fell down and cried or if she wants me to bring her to the toilette, to miss some trainings if she is ill and need to be home.

So, wouldn’t be easier just to hire a babysitter who takes care of her while I am training? Yes, it would be easier for me as an athlete. But again, I am not just an athlete, I am also a mum. I am first a mum and then everybody else. If I hire a babysitter, I would get to see her maybe 2-3 hours at day after training and just before she goes to bed. Not enough. I don’t want to miss her childhood doing armbars and triangles, but doing armbars is so much fun to be missed by doing... wait... doing what?.... what do exactly do mums of other 2-3 years old kids? This will be the topic of my next blog entry so I will not get here into those details but the conclusion is that my daughter is not missing anything, at least  anything good and she is getting the best education she could ever get and with more quality time with her parents than most of the kids. The result is: she is a lovely, intelligent and happy little girl (who can choke you by the way)


SOCIAL LIFE  - It is quite limited, some things I have to sacrifice, remember?

I go out one night at week, usually Thursdays, after the only-women-class that I teach. My husband stays home with my daughter so that I can give the class and then have the chance to meet my friends and relax (which is also quite important for the mental health) One of the weekend nights, it is his turn and I stay home with her and my husband goes out with his friends. Team work.

And every 2 or 3 weeks, we left her stays with friends or with family that may be visiting us at the moment, and my husband and I get to go out together without child, have dinner with friends, go to the cinema or go to the bars (very important for the relationship!)


FREE TIME - It is almost non-existent, but if we have 1-2 hours free before going to bed, we like to watch series like Dexter or The Good Wife. Saturdays, after training, depending on the season we go to swimming pool or to give a walk in the woods. Sundays we rest... after cleaning the house of course ;-)

And we compensate this hectic life by traveling every second month, our second passion after BJJ


SUMMARY -  I work approximately 8 hours at day between my own job and running the academy, train 6 days at week between 90 min and 3 hours (depending on the day and whether there is competition or not) and rise a two years old little princess without babybsitter (most of the time). Saturdays I am busy with extra activities and Sunday I try to do as little as possible to collect energy for the new week, well... if there is not competition or seminars (in that case week can be quite “long”)



So, let’s see... What did I have to sacrifice then?: watching TV, playing PlayStation or the wii, shopping and some hours of sleep. Oh God! I am missing so much! I don’t think I can take it any longer. I think I will better stop training to watch “Germany’s Next Top Model” every evening with my daughter :-P

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