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BJJ Ladies Camp - Some words about it

This weekend, 26th-28th August, the BJJ Ladies Camp, organized by Yasmin Sewgobind, took place in the Sportvision Gym in Eindhoven and it was an absolute success: 30 female fighters from all ages, belts and weights participated in this event becoming one of the biggest female BJJ events organized so far.

Girls from Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Austria, England, Belgium, Italy and more eat, sleep and train together BJJ and Grappling for two whole days. 





Hard training, friendship and comradeship were perfectly combined in a way that (maybe) only girls can do. Unlike many male fighters (specially when they are from different teams), we are able to fight hard against each other and still be best friends. Many of us are even rivals in competitions, but does it mean we cannot have fun together and even establish a friendship? Of course not.


Through my competition life I have met so many girls and some of them have become good friends of mine, independently of who won or lost. Katja Schulze, Elisabeth Olbert, Mimi Rodriguez and Charlotte von Baumgarten are some of them. I was happy to see there in the camp too. We love training together because we have a common passion: fighting and it is hard enough to find girls with that same passion, which by the way it also determines up to some point your lifestyle, so why to ruin the possibility of making a new friend, with the one you share such a strong “hobby” and probably have the same lifestyle than you (a lifestyle that so many other people do NOT understand) just because you will face her in a future competition. Competitions are just that: competitions. And we love the adrenaline rush, beating our opponent and stepping in the podium as high as possible, but what we love the most is the game of BJJ, the fighting itself and to see how our game evolves. And that is partially only possible thanks to training as much as possible with other girls.

DSCF0380.jpgBack to the Camp: We had several training units of BJJ and Grappling every day, with breaks inbetween for resting and eating. The training consisted on good warming-up/condition training, technique and rolling. Yasmin was a great trainer and we all learned a lot from her. We also learn a lot from each other. We tried to roll/fight with so many different girls as possible, since that was an unique opportunity to train with so many different girls. On the top of it, we had also dance lessons on Friday morning and Saturday night. And of course, we also talk non-stop. ;)
The conclusion?: I am coming next year again, are you?

More pics on: SportMMA in Facebook or https://picasaweb.google.com/fofolover4ever/BJJGirlsOnly?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCPqStZTi9KuQaQ&feat=directlink

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