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Talita Nogueira on Interview


The new black belt Talita Nogueira from São Paulo, Brazil, is the new big name within the female BJJ world since she beated several black belts, including Penny Thomas in the medium heavy final, at the 2011 Worlds two weeks ago.
When on 5th June she won the most important BJJ championship in the world, she did not only make her dream true, she also inspired and became an idol for many people, specially women, since she is not a simple athlete, she is also a mum of a 7 years-old—daughter. She showed us that combining family and a World Champion title is not only possible, it is a reality.

1. Which is your team?
I train in the Ryan Gracie Equipe.
2. When and how did you start doing BJJ?
I started 5 years ago, when some friends of mine invited me to train with them. I liked to argue and quarrel a lot * laugh * and my friends convince me to try BJJ. Jiu Jitsu changed my life!
3. What do you like more about this sport?
What I loke the most are the friendships I got to do in the academy. We are like a family. And in every championship I go, I make more friends. I love that. Apart from the condition training, I love this sport. BJJ is addictive!
4. You have a family, a daughter, and still you got to be world champion. How do you do it?
Thanks God, my family has always supported me. My daughter always wanted to train too so that to combine both things was always easy, of course with the help of my mum. My daughter trains Judo on Tuesday and Thursday at the same time that I train BJJ. Mondays and Wednesdays she trains BJJ with me. It is very rewarding for me to see her on the mat. It helps me to go on, gives me the strenght that I need. Since she also competes, I always try to be the best example possible for her.
I know a lot of families that train together, that is here very common and it is cool :)
I just think that parents should support theirs kids when it comes to d a sport, does not matter which one. They should show interest on the sport, maybe try it together. I think that is very important.
5. So your daughter also trained BJJ?
Yes, she started when she was 3 years old and she already collects titles like Paulista Champion of Judo, Paulista Champion of Jiu Jitsu, Champion of Sao Paulo Cup... etc
6. How often do you train?
I train every day. I am used to it and I would feel weird otherwise
7. Your victory was very emotional. Many people cry with you out of emotion. Now that two weeks have gone and everything calmed down, what do you think about it? What does this title mean to you?
I still live like in a dream. When people ask me I just can say that I am very happy and that I like the feeling. Very few people knows everything what I had to go through: very hard training, diet... and I have to thank everybody that support me: my sponsors Koral and Arena Verde, my team Ryan Gracie, my family....
8. Do you think about coming to the next European Championship?
I would like to fight so many competitions as possible. I expect to get some sponsors that helps me to compete more. I am travelling now in September to England to fight ADCC. I am already training for it and I hope to do a good championship
9. Which is your opinion on Caio Terra and Leticia Ribeiro statements about the usage of steroids?
Well, that issue is very delicated. I am not going to judge or accuse anybody, but it is obvious that a people are “using” a lot... and that is not right and certainly it is not fair for the people who does not take anything. I think that the federation should find a way to stop it. I know how hard that is, but all the top sports have anti-doping tests. BJJ should have too.
10. Do you like any female fighter on particular?
I admire all the female fighters that go into the mat to fight. I don't have any special fighter I would like to fight against. I just want to fight, does not matter who against. I would like to congratulate all the girls who are representing our sport
11. Which is your project now as a new black belt and world champion?
Train, train and train. My jiu jitsu can still improve a lot and that is my only goal.


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