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Two examples to follow

I haven't written in a while, partially because I didn't have the time but mostly because I didn't have a topic to write about. However, for a couple of days I have been wanting to write a certain article and finally today I found the time to do so. I would like to write about Katja Schulze and Susanne Skrobak, two friends of mine but above all, two clear examples of BJJ dedication, personal development and growth and how hard work gets paid off.


Susanne Skrobak is a blue belt from the Frota Team, Switzerland. She got injured last year but even such a serious injury could not stop her. Her energy and love for BJJ was bigger than that. On 3rd November 2010 she had her first leg surgery, on 8th December her anterior cruciate ligament (acl) was reconstructed. She worked hard on her rehab and probably she also annoyed some medical doctors to help her to make possible such an amazing quickly recovery . She was doing first technical training by middle of January.

Despite the injury, she never gave up with the idea of coming back as soon as possible, that meaning to compete in the Worlds 2011!

She worked against  the clock and trained first sparring  on April 18th. On June 2nd, she was in Long Beach, in the famous piramid competing in the world biggest and hardest BJJ competition, the IBJJF World Championships. There are no words to describe what this girl has achieved. She got to be back on the mat in a record time. She didn't get it to the podium (won first fight but lost second by disqualification) but there is no doubt that she is a real champion and a true example of overcoming difficulties and fighting for what you really want.


Katja Schulze is an experienced Luta Livre fighter from the  Fight Academy Mülheim. Her passion for fighting took her to contact other people, specially women, with the same passion. And so she contacted me through Studivz (a german network similar to Facebook) some years ago. We started chatting and exchange experiences. She talked to me about Luta Livre and I talked to her about BJJ. We got to know each other better when she came for a competition to Hamburg and stayed at my place. I was pregnant and actually I was due that day, but I was so happy to have her and her team at home. She won that competition and I believe it was her first competition with Gi. 

She continued to train mostly without Gi, in part due to the few possibilities she had to train with Gi, and she continued to compete and win. Eventually she got her blue belt at Luta Livre.

I don't know exactly when and why, and how much I had to do with it, but at some point she became more and more interested on training with Gi. And she decided to come to the European Championships and so we ended training together at New Years' Eve. Really crazy, isn't it?

We were together in Lisboa, Portugal, for the Euros' (where Susanne was too as the most enthusiastic cheerleader all times!) and we were again together in London for the Abu Dhabi Trials. Her jiu jitsu was improving considerably but she had still a lot to learn. She decided then to start training with Black Belt Peter Schira, a wise decision and her decision and hard work finally paid off when the last week she got 2nd place in the World Championship  after 2 wins and one lost by advantage. Even if i was not able to be there to watch her fights, I know she fought really good. In the last 2 years since we first met we have shared a lot of laughs and some tears too, and I have witnessed how hard she has worked to improve her game. And she did it. She showed everybody what she has. I am so proud of her! So BJJ female community: be aware! Katja is coming. She has long legs and she knows how to use them ;)

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