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Photos of Holland Gi Challengue 2011

Today Godzilla, Samuel, Gisele and I drove 4,5h from Hamburg to Amsterdam to fight in the Holland Gi Challengue. We did in total 900 km in one day but it was worth the experience and the results.

Samuel had two hard fights, the first he won by armbar, the second he won 8:0 in an amazing fight in which Samuel make the other guy to look like a white belt instead of a purple belt. Samuel did takedown, sweep and mount and an attempt of foot lock. Really beautiful.

I must admit that I had it easier. There were not purple belts for me to fight against, so I had to fight blue and white belts. I won my first fight 2-0 and the second one with an armbar that almost ended in a broken arm because the girl didn't want to tap out... and what am I supposed to do? It is a competition... so Tap or Snap

The competition run smoothly, the Compettior Tshirts were of good quality and good design, the level was high (except for female purple/brown/black belts that there were just anyone except me). They sold Acai for a good price (not like in other competitons). The hall was big and easy to reach.

So, in conclusion, a good tournament. Just one complain from my side: the winner of the male Elite class got a Gi as prize. The women nothing. This is just annoying. As usual.

Here some pics (iPhone quality) of the event

You can download these pictures from my Picasa Web Album.

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