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Angie, another BJJ mum on the way

Angie, another BJJ mum on the way

Angie is not an average spanish girl. Yes, she is pretty, has dark hair and eyes and I bet she likes to party and be with friends, but she is definitely  not a common girl. She is a fighter, a BJJ blue belt, and she is now pregnant too. Her story reminded me of my own one, and now I write about her to show everybody that I am not a rare case: combining  BJJ and family it is perfectly possible!

Here she tells us a little bit about her pregnancy and how is she dealing with this new situation in her life from the point of view of a BJJ practitioner.

Angie has been training brazilian jiu jitsu for about 2 years and a half. She is a blue belt and used to train from Monday to Friday, one hour and a half each day, under the instructor Carmelo, a purple belt, at the Samurai Academy  in Tenerife, Spain. Funny thing is that her instructor happens to be her husband too!

After she found out about the pregnancy, it took her some time to assimilate her new condition. The first thoughts that came to her mind was that she would have to stop practicing BJJ. From training every day to not training at all.... it is a big thing to digest. But after the initial shock and worries (and nature and some hormones doing well their job) she realized that it was in fact a good new: having a baby! and that pregnancy doe snot last forever. After all, she would be back on the mat sooner than she would think.

Angie, another BJJ mum on the way

She found my website through her husband and we got into contact. I was able to give her some advice about how I dealed with the same situation 18 months ago. I am happy I could help her. I know how many doubts a women in this situation may have. Specially in a topic that intertwines the practice of a fight sport with something so delicate as pregnancy, a topic about which there are not so much written.

After our talk, she continued to train BJJ until approximately the fifth pregnancy month. Of course always careful. No hard fights at all, mostly techniques and mostly with her husband and trainer.

After the 5th month, she had to stop. The belly was already big enough to get in the way and she started having some aches and pains. It was the moment to stop with the physical training. As I always say: the best thing to do is to listen your own body.

Now she is close to the 7th month and continue to train, but in a different way. She attends the classes and watch the people train. She also watches BJJ videos at home. It is unbelievable how much can one learns only through observation.

Angie is now looking forward to be back on the mat but above all, she is looking forward to have her baby girl on her arms. She, her husband and the baby will make another wonderful BJJ family. I am very happy for them and I wish them the best!

Hopefully we meet some day and our kids can play and roll together! 


Buenísimo el artículo Ana!!, la verdad es que esta muy muy bien. Muchísimas gracias por la parte que me toca ;)
Y decirte que sigo tu blog casi todos los dias y me gusta mucho la labor que haces con el BJJ.
Un saludo para tu marido, tu niña preciosa y claro está para ti.

PD:Angie esta muy muy contenta!!

Hey, me alegro de que os haya gustado. Nada mas que nazca el bebé un artículo de continuación. Muchos besos. A propósito, estamos arreglando el problemilla de los comentarios en el blog español. Gracias por avisar!

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