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New Magazine: Jiu Jitsu Style!


"Jiu Jitsu Style" is the new BJJ magazine on the market for all BJJ lovers!

It is edited in the UK and intends to cover all relevant topics of BJJ, but focusing mainly on  BJJ in the old continent... yes.. here in Europe! It seems promising! Finally a magazine that writes about what is going on here and not  only oversee in the USA and/or Brasil ;)

The magazine will be published every two months. The issue February/March is now for sale!

You can order it in www.gidirekt.de. For more info about prices and delivery, please click on "read more"

Here in Germany, "Jiu Jitsu Style" costs 6.50€ plus 1,45€ postage for a on-off copy. People can get a year's subscription for 43.50€ including postage.

For Samuel's students there are always the 10% disccount.

If you are a group of 5 or more people, you can get some good disccount on it. Please contact me if you are interested.


For my spanish readers: 

Single copy: 5,80€ per issue plus 4,10€ Postage = 9,90€
2 copies of single issue: 5,20€ per issue plus 8,33€ postage = 18,73€
5 copies to 30 copies of single issue: 4,90 per issue plus 20,50€ postage = min of 45€ for 5)
Subscription of 6 issues= 54€ including postage.


I read it and enjoy it, hope you like it too!


Hopefully there will be a chance to write something about the German BJJ scene in the future: I certainly wouldn't mind a trip to Hamburg. ;p

do you work on the magazine?

I did a few pieces in that issue, like the Romulo interview. :)

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