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I got it:back to 57.5kg!

Don't ask how I did it because I am not quite sure myself, but I got it! I am down to my old weight, or almost. I am 57.5kg since yesterday.

I stopped being the balloonfish as “sweetly” some of my trainingmates called me since I got pregnant...


On 6th April my daugther Gisele came to this world. The day before my weight was 75kg... yes... approximatly 18kg more than my usual weight. When I complained about it, Samuel always made fun of me and said: “This is one of the consequences of forgetting to take the pill” ... haha.. very funny.

Right after my baby girl was born, I had lost about 6-7 kg. Gisele was 3,5kg, the rest is blood and all that stuff.
In the next 2 weeks I lost quite fast a couple of kilos more, that is normal for every women. And then I started with the gymnastic after birth. I should have waited “theoretically” 2-3 months, but I coudn't. I was dying for being back on the mat. So I started training at home (there is a blog entry about this). Just taking it easy and always listening to my body.

When Igor came to give us a seminar, 2 months after the birth, I decided it was the perfect time to go back to BJJ training.
My weight was around 65kg by that time and I hadn´t done so far anything intentionally to lose weight. I ate normal and trained just because I love it but not as a way to lose weight.
The last 7 kg however were the most difficult to lose. A couple of weeks after the seminar I still had the same weight and I started to worry that I would never go back to my “original size”. So I started a diet: the watermelon diet, or at least that is how I called it. It consisted on eating everything that I want during the day, but for dinner just watermelon. Nothing else.
It worked! I lost 4 kilos more!!

but you guess what? Then my family came from Spain to visit me. And they brought spanish food with them. They brought serrano ham, manchego cheese and also all kind of rubbish food like donuts and bollicaos that I love. I won easily my 4 kilos back... hahahaha

When they left, I didn't feel like doing a diet again. So I just decide to be happy and eat when I want what I want.
I guess that going back to work, training 6 days at week, being a mum and being a good wife of course too ;-) did the rest.

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