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The Comeback

I started this blog when I got pregnant for first time 4 years ago. My aim was to find a way to live BJJ outside the mat during the last months of pregnancy and to share my experience with other BJJ practitioners, specially women who were also pregnant or intend to have a family one day and were skeptical about the compatibility of being a mother and a BJJ fighter. I wanted to show that it was perfectly possible since I was going to do it!


Since then, I am proud to have not only reach my goal of combining both: motherhood and BJJ, but also have helped a lot of women who addressed me for advice. And I even got so confident with myself  in this multitasking role that I dare to have a second child!


Only in the last month, 4 BJJ female practitioners that I know directly (or indirectly through friends) got pregnant and contacted me. It is simple statistics, with BJJ growing up exponentially, every day there are more women practicing this sport which means more women getting pregnant  and having doubts about how to deal with training during pregnancy and what it is even more important (since pregnancy doesn't last forever) what it comes afterward, when pregnancy is over and baby is here... 

How soon after giving birth can you go back to the gym? how long do you need to be able to fight again? Which kind of exercises do you start with? what about a diet to get back into shape?... They are only some of the many questions that go through every pregnant women's mind, and many of them ended in my mailbox.  BJJ is growing up, there is not doubt about it,  but it is still a rather unknown sport. Most of the doctors and midwifes have never heard of it before and are very, really very, reluctant about it. Mostly they just forbid you to train during pregnancy and don't  let you start at least 3-4 months after delivery, if at all.

So women get frustrated and either they accept it  and stop doing BJJ or they end up looking for advice from other women who may have already experienced all this situation before. Like me.

So this article will be like a diary of how I did AFTER this second pregnancy (there are already enough articles in this blog about what to do DURING the pregnancy)

I will write as detailed as possible, step-by-step, what I did from the day my second babygirl Anais was born until the first competition I get to fight. Instead of writing different articles on the matter, I will update this article every couple of days/weeks, so that in the future it is easier for women looking for advice to find the answers they are looking for in a long but single detailled article.


I hope you enjoy it and find it useful!


Last stage... what to do now?

34th week of pregnancy. I stopped training BJJ 4 weeks ago at the 30th week. I haven’t wore my Gi for 4 weeks now and I miss it badly. But the size of my belly makes impossible to continue practicing BJJ.

The belly is not only in between me and my training partner, but it is also in between my right and left arm, my upper and lower body. It is in the middle of everything.

Many times I didn’t feel the belly, you get used to it, so when I was sitting on the mat in one of my last trainings, listening to the trainer explaining the technique, to the command “let’s try” I was so ready to start practicing as everybody else, forgetting for a moment about my pregnancy but falling back into reality in the very moment I try to stand up. The small movement of bending your upper body over to get up reminded me quickly that it was not so easy when you have about 6-7kg concentrated on a single spot, right in the middle of your body. Not to talk about trying to do the technique itself.

I said, I would continue as long as I can. Well, the moment had reached in which I couldn’t any more.... at least not actively on the mat.

But what do I do now, except for eating Ben&Jerrys 24/7? 



5 sweet sour Reasons to keep training

27th week of my second pregnancy, 13 more to go... and keep training! Though every day there are less things that I can do, though it is frustrating to not being able to close properly a triangle any more and to have to support on the knees to do push-ups, though I had to deal with people's well-intentioned but boring advices about stopping training on a daily basis.... I don't give up. Not yet, soon enough, but not yet.

Why? These are some of the reasons:


A pregnant view of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing, a beautiful experience that every women should have at least once in her life. It is an amazing period of life which comes with lots of excitement and incredible feelings. Being pregnant is also a pain in the ass. If for a common women the truth is that being pregnant is a wonderful and difficult experience all at the same time, try to imagine what it means for a BJJ fighter (actually any kind of fighter)




Thanks.. because I wouldn't make it alone

I am always talking about how is possible to combine motherhood with BJJ training and being a competitor. I often mention it is a matter of setting priorities in your life, organizing your time and enjoying everything you do.
I also repeat every time that it is a hard task to do but that it is possible, that I am neither a super women (see my last blog entry) nor a single case. There are many other BJJ mums like Talita Nogueira or Angelica Galvao, just to give you an example of great BJJ female fighters which are also mums.
But what I don´t mention so often and they deserve some praise and recognition too are: the people behind the scenes. Without those people who support and help me wherever and whenever they can, being a BJJ-competitor-full time working-mum would be nearly impossible.

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