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my name is Ana G. Yagües Molina and I was born in Madrid on 7th September 1979. I am a Spanish BJJ fighter though I train in Hamburg,Germany, where I live and work. At present I am brown belt. I train at Ground Fighters BJJ Hamburg, a team founded by my husband and trainer brownbelt Samuel Sanvicente and myself in 2011 and who already counts with more than 140 members and a strong competition team.

me at the Mundials

I started BJJ in March 2007. Back then I did kickboxing when a friend of mine convinced me to try Brazilian Jiu jitsu and as Julius Caesar would have said: vini, vidi, vinci…Well, I actually did go and watch, but i didn't quite conquer. I was choked and joint-locked in thousand different ways - which all work without requiring serious effort from my opponent or causing me pain. Not even women smaller than me left me any chance of fighting back. I was fascinated, and since that day I have been training jiu jitsu 6 days at week.

During the first two years, my coach and trainer was Carlos Eduardo "Chalita", a Gracie Barra black belt, whom I have to thank for the good basic that allowed in turn to develop my BJJ so quickly. In 2009 he moved to California to keep working on his sport career. My trainer for the last 2 years  has been Samuel Sanvicente, a brown belt, who as I said before, happens to be my husband too, handy, isn't it?. I have belonged to the GB Team for 5 years until we founded our own team on 29. March 2012. We are under the supervision of Ezekiel Zayas, from Ases Valencia(Spain), from who I obtained my brown belt on March 2013

Since I've started I have competed in several championships, including 6 European Championships and one World Championship. In many of them I got to the podium, in others not. But winning or not, the adrenaline rush of fighting is the best feeling in the world. Yes, I am a BJJ junkie, do you have a problem with that? ;-)

This webpage is a non-profit project whose goal is to support and extend Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as to encourage its practice, specially but not only amongst women.

This goal will be achieved by means of

  • information about this sport and its rules
  • information about events like tournaments, camps and seminars
  • articles in English and Spanish
  • links of interest and translations of articles from the Portuguese

Thank you very much for your interest and I hope you enjoy this website and that it is useful to you.

Ana Yagües

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